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FY2012 Region 10 Model Environmental Education Grant

E3 Washington - $216,000
Project Title: The Educator-to-Educator Initiative for Student Learning
Project Manager: Abby Ruskey, Executive Director
P.O. Box 6277
Olympia, Washington 98507
Phone – 360-943-6643
E-mail address – aruskey@e3washington.org

The Educator to Educator initiative for Student Learning: A Pacific Northwest Model for Collective Impact Program seeks to work with environmental education leaders across EPA Region 10’s four states to co-create a regional model to implementation of state environmental literacy plans, to implement the model, and disseminate the model throughout, and beyond, EPA Region 10.  Expanding the model to all four states will directly impact over 2,000 students, their teachers, school administrators, and community members from six regionally and culturally diverse school district-community teams involved. Additionally, at least 200 diverse business, tribal, governmental and nonprofit environmental education leaders and stakeholders will be directly involved, supported, and impacted.

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URL: http://yosemite.epa.gov/R10/EXTAFF.NSF/Reports/ee_grants_2012

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