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2006 Annual Priorities Report: Background

Note: EPA no longer updates this information, but it may be useful as a reference or resource.

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In 2002, Region 10 established six regional priorities. Since that time, we have made significant progress in achieving the various objectives we originally set out (see “Region 10 Priorities 2004 Annual Report”- EPA 910-R-04-007).

We also fulfilled our commitment to periodically re-visit our priorities when, in 2005, we evaluated whether they were still relevant, on target, or substantially complete, and identified new and emerging areas of concern.

During this process, we decided to remove “Clean-Up of Contaminated Sites” from the list of Regional priorities. This priority had served its purpose in bringing greater focus and coordination to our ongoing cleanup work. At this same time, we augmented our remaining priorities by identifying Puget Sound-Hood Canal, Spokane River Basin, and Grants Management as areas deserving of special emphasis.

2006 Annual Report
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The Region’s priorities share a number of attributes in common. It is no coincidence that most of our priorities are closely aligned with those of our state, local, and Tribal partners. We recognize that the most effective way to achieve our goals and objectives is through interagency collaboration. Our priorities emphasize environmental results over process.
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They are multi-dimensional in character, involving restoration, preservation, and prevention efforts. The geographic reach of our priorities is broad, often spanning interstate and international boundaries. And they invariably entail complex technical and policy issues, requiring innovative problem-solving and coordinated multi-media approaches. In all, our priorities meet head-on many of the most difficult, high-profile environmental issues confronting the citizens of the Pacific Northwest.

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