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PEYA 2003

Eatonville High School Salmon Enhancement Group
Eatonville High School
Eatonville, Washington

The Eatonville High School Salmon Enhancement Group is made up of seven motivated young people. These students totally immersed themselves in the water quality monitoring and watershed stewardship projects sponsored by Eatonville High School and the Washington Virtual Classroom.

The students conducted comprehensive water quality studies on five streams that are tributaries of the Nisqually River. They published their findings in written and digital formats and entered the data into the Washington Virtual Classroom water quality database so that it could be used for further analysis.

After completing two online classes, The Science of Northwest Salmon and Salmon Ecosystems Management, the students worked with the Nisqually Indian Tribe in their efforts to restore salmon runs in a number of the tributaries in the Nisqually River watershed. They also worked with the Nisqually Stream Stewards to restore riparian habitat by planting stream bank vegetation along streams that have been affected by agricultural activities, forest harvesting and poor land management practices.

Last spring the Salmon Enhancement Group planned a "Stewardship of My Watershed" summit to bring the Eatonville community together to share knowledge and experiences. The seven students moderated a videoconference panel discussion on "Important Issues Concerning Wild and Native Salmon Recovery" with students from other consortium school districts. They published a written and digital report that outlines water quality trends in the Nisqually watershed over the last ten years. The Group has also made PowerPoint presentations on the watershed stewardship projects sponsored by local schools and worked with elementary students to demonstrate water quality studies and watershed conservation activities.

The young people of the Eatonville High School Salmon Enhancement Group have shown exceptional motivation and outstanding commitment through their participation in the curriculum and the application of their knowledge to environmentally based projects that benefit the community.

The students want to recognize Mr. James Clague, their sponsor and science teacher, who could not attend this ceremony. He has been a tremendous help to them.

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