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Region 10 Pesticides Program


EPA’s Region 10 Pesticides Program operates within the context of the overall regional office structure.  We are responsible for the implementation of the provisions of the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA) in Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington. 

Most FIFRA-mandated activities have been delegated to our partners: the state lead agencies. These agencies have entered into cooperative agreements with EPA to receive federal funding in exchange for activities such as conducting pesticide inspections and training and certifying pesticide applicators.  EPA’s Region 10 office maintains an oversight role for these cooperative agreements.

EPA’s Office of Pesticide Programs, located in EPA headquarters in Washington, D.C., is the office responsible for the process called pesticide registration.  Before registering (licensing) a pesticide, EPA must first examine the ingredients, methods of use, and other factors of the pesticide to ensure that it will not have unreasonable adverse effects on humans, the environment, and non-target species. A pesticide cannot be legally used if it has not been registered with EPA.

EPA’s Region 10 Pesticides Program is not responsible for pesticide registration but instead have roles in EPA’s pesticide field program and in pesticide enforcement.  Below are descriptions of each component and relevant links.  If you need more information on any aspect of our Pesticides Program, please do not hesitate to
contact our staff.  For general information on pesticides, please call the National Pesticide Information Center at 1-800-858-7378.

Pesticide Field Program

EPA’s field program is made up of the frontline implementation activities carried out by our Regional pesticide experts, as well as the states and tribes.  As participants in the pesticide field program, we:

Pesticide Enforcement
The states have primary authority for most compliance and enforcement actions regarding the improper use of pesticides while EPA’s Regional Offices have authority over non-use or “product” related pesticide issues, such as ensuring proper pesticide registration, labeling, production, distribution, and sales.  EPA also:
Reporting a Pesticide Violation:
 Enforcement Actions in Your Community:
EPA, State, and Tribal Contacts

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