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Climate Change

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Claire Schary (
Climate Change Policy Advisor
(206) 553-8514

Taking action on climate change is one of EPA's top priorities. Our Region 10 Strategic Alignment Plan states:

  • We will work to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and develop adaptation strategies to address climate change in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska.
  • We will incorporate climate change into core program work through analysis of projected impacts on program goals and activities, identify opportunities for migrating greenhouse gases without increasing adverse impacts from other pollutants, and where possible, build ecosystem resilience.
Read more about our climate change priorities: National Priorities with a Local Focus

Climate Science Centers

The U.S. Department of Interior (DOI) has established eight regional Climate Science Centers across the U.S. to provide scientific information, tools and techniques that resource managers can apply to anticipate, monitor and adapt to climate and ecologically-driven responses at regional-to-local scales.

The following Climate Science Centers are located in our region:

Landscape Conservation Cooperatives

Landscape Conservation Cooperatives (LCCs) are a network of 22 public-private partnerships that undertake applied research on climate change and other ecological stressors on a landscape scale. The following 7 LCCs have geographic boundaries that overlap our region:

Other Northwest Climate Change Resources

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