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Midnite Mine Superfund Site Community Resources

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Meetings and Comment Opportunities
  • Community members are invited to observe the design project meetings at Spokane Tribe Natural Resources and/or to meet separately before or after these meetings to talk about the project. Contact Randy Connolly at DNR for information about the time, date and location of the project meetings.
Where to Review Documents

You can review copies of technical documents, fact sheets, and other site documents at the following locations. Many documents for this site are also available in electronic PDF format on our Technical Documents page.

Note: The Spokane Tribal College and Community Library in Wellpinit has electronic copies of key documents about Midnite Mine (ask for the Midnite Mine dedicated computer). A hard copy of the preliminary design document is also available for in-library use. The library is located at 6232 Old School Road.

Community Groups

The following community groups have been engaged with EPA during the cleanup process.

Technical Assistance Services for Communities (TASC) - EPA's TASC program provides independent educational and technical assistance to help communities better understand and become involved in the cleanup process for hazardous waste sites.


EPA contacts

  • Project Manager - Elly Hale (hale.elly@epa.gov), (206) 553-1215

Spokane Tribe contacts

  • Superfund Coordinator - Randy Connolly (connolly@spokanetribe.com), (509) 626-4425
  • Director, Department of Natural Resources - BJ Kieffer (bjk@spokanetribe.com), (509) 626-4427
  • Public Relations Director - Jamie Sijohn (jamies@spokanetribe.com), (509) 458-6586

Other government agency contacts

  • Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR): Ric Robinson (robinson.ric@epa.gov), (206) 553-5114
  • Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA): Donna Smith (donna.smith@bia.gov), (509) 258-4561
  • Bureau of Land Management (BLM): Kelly Courtright (kcourtri@or.blm.gov), (509) 536-1218
  • US Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS): Julie Campbell (julie_campbell@fws.gov), (509) 891-0450
  • Washington Department of Health (WDOH): Mike Elsen (Mike.Elsen@doh.wa.gov), (360) 236-3241

Request copies of EPA records: Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)

Region 10 Public Liaison: The Regional Public Liaison is a facilitator between citizens and EPA staff who can help solve problems and communication issues regarding cleanup sites. Contact Suzanne Powers (powers.suzanne@epa.gov) at 360-753-9475.

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