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Wyckoff-Eagle Harbor: Remedial Action Alternatives for the Point

Community Involvement Opportunities

EPA is doing a "Focused Feasibility Study" to better understand the extent of creosote beneath the surface on the upland fenced area of the site ("the Point").  The Focused Feasibility Study will also identify and evaluate possible future cleanup options for removal and treatment of the creosote contamination. This work is being done in close coordination with the Washington State Department of Ecology.

The Focused Feasibility Study work is expected to take place through summer 2014.  After, EPA will issue a “Proposed Plan” for cleanup of soil and groundwater at the Point for public comment, before making a final decision on the cleanup approach.

Over the next year, during development of the Focused Feasibility Study, there will be several opportunities for community involvement.  We very much value your participation.  We want to make sure that a cleanup alternative is selected that is environmentally protective, supports future land use plans, and addresses community concerns.

Opportunities for community involvement will include the following:

    Public meetings: EPA will hold two informal public meetings to describe project activities and gather informal input as work progresses. We anticipate that the first of these informal meetings will be held in fall or winter 2013 after cleanup alternatives have been identified; and the second will take place in spring 2014 to further describe the primary alternatives being considered.  We hope you will attend.

    Community Interest Group: Ecology and EPA are forming a Community Interest Group that will be active during this next year.  The Community Interest Group will include about 6-10 members of the community who formally or informally represent a broader constituency. This small group will meet with Ecology and EPA to discuss project status and approach at quarterly, daytime weekday meetings beginning in fall 2013.  The following individuals have committed to participation on the Community Interest Group:

    • Perry Barrett – Bainbridge Island Parks
    • Charles Schmid – Association of Bainbridge Communities
    • Doug Schulze, City Manager – City of Bainbridge Island
    • Jeff Siglan, President – Bill Point neighborhood
    • Frank Stowell – Citizen at Large
    • Barb Trafton – Student Conservation Corps of Sustainable Bainbridge and Taylor Avenue neighborhood representative

    The objective of the group is to communicate community concerns, suggestions and interests to the EPA team, so that the team can anticipate and consider this input in the development of cleanup alternatives.  This is an informal process.  If you would like to be considered as an additional member of the Community Interest Group, please contact Dawn Hooper (dawn.hooper@ecy.wa.gov), Department of Ecology, at 360-407-7182.

    Comment period: In the fall of 2014, EPA will hold a formal public comment period for the Remedial Action Proposed Plan.  This will be a formal opportunity for all members of the public to provide written and oral comments on the proposed cleanup plan, before EPA makes a final decision about the cleanup approach.

Questions? Please contact Debra Sherbina (sherbina.debra@epa.gov) or 800-424-4372, extension 0247.

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