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Air Toxics: Diesel and Transportation

Diesel exhaust and other transportation-related emissions are of primary concern in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska. Region 10 is working on promoting the use of low sulfur diesel, biodiesel and diesel retrofitting in order to decrease emissions in the region and mitigate the heath effects related to diesel exhaust.

West Coast Collaborative
  • The West Coast Collaborative is working to reduce air pollution emissions from diesel sources along the West Coast. The Collaborative includes the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), US Department of Agriculture Natural Resource Conservation Service, US Department of Energy, US Department of Transportation, Canada and Mexico, as well as state, local, non-profit and private sector partners from Alaska, California, Oregon and Washington.

Biodiesel Project Links

Clean Cities Coalitions in Region 10
Clean Diesel Strategic Plan

Clean School Bus Program Diesel Retrofit Project at Mount Rainier National Park
Modeling of Transport of Vehicle Related Emissions to Mount Rainier National Park
Tax Credit for Clean Diesel Engines (PDF, KB, pages)
Tax Credit for Clean Diesel Retrofits (PDF, KB, pages)
Truck Stop Electrification

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