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Collision Repair Campaign - Requirements

Painter Training

All personnel, including contractors, who spray apply coatings must be certified as completing training in:

Employees at new sources have 180 days after hire to complete training
Employees at existing sources must complete by the compliance date (January 10, 2011)
Refresher training, at least once every five years following initial training date is required

Spray Booth Requirements

Spray-applied coatings must be applied in spray booth, preparation stations, or mobile enclosure meeting the following requirements:
HLVP Spray Gun Requirements

Spray-applied coatings must be applied with one of the following gun technologies:
Spray Gun Cleaning Requirements

Spray gun cleaning operation should prevent atomized mist or avoid spraying cleaning solvent and paint residue outside container used to collect waste solvent

Acceptable options include:
Records and Reporting

Initial notification Forms available on Area Source Website (under implementation tools)
Compliance Status Annual Notification of Changes Report
Recordkeeping (keep these records on file)
Records to be maintained in a form suitable and readily available for expeditious review.

More detailed information

Motor Vehicle/Mobile Equipment/Miscellaneous Surface Coating Operations
Paint Stripping Operations—implement management practices that minimize emissions of MeCl.
For each paint stripping operation with > 1 ton MeCl annual usage, develop and implement a written MeCl minimization plan. No implementation plan is needed if usage is < 1 ton MeCl; however, sources must still utilize work practices to minimize emissions of MeCl. Consult the MSDS sheet to identify the amount of MeCl contained in the paint stripper, but note that annual usage should not exceed 181 gallons of MeCl.

Maintain records of annual usage of paint strippers containing MeCl.

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