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Dockets by Statute CWA

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07/02/2015ActiveCWA-10-2015-0084 Petro Marine Services in Wrangell, Alaska
07/02/2015ActiveCWA-01-2015-0039 Tiverton Power, LLC
07/02/2015ActiveCWA 06-2015-4318 Krumme Oil Company, LLP
07/02/2015ActiveCWA 06-2015-4501 Oneok Field Services
07/01/2015ActiveCWA-07-2015-0072 Joy Development Properties, LLC and Summit Concrete, Inc
07/01/2015ActiveCWA-02-2015-3356 Ferrovial Agroman, S.A.
07/01/2015ActiveCWA-02-2015-3355 Puerto Rico Highways and Transporation Authority
07/01/2015ActiveCWA-03-2015-0080 Skanska Facchina Joint Venture, CWA, SCAFO
07/01/2015ClosedCWA-05-2015-0014 Daniel and Marissa Patrone - FINDINGS OF VIOLATION AND ADMINISTRATIVE COMPLIANCE ORDER ON CONSENT- (Poland, Ohio)
07/01/2015ActiveCWA-07-2015-0042 Greg Schellert
06/30/2015ActiveCWA-10-2015-0053 A-1 Petroleum and Propane, Inc.
06/29/2015ActiveCWA-03-2015-0121 Balfour Beatty Construction LLC, CWA, SCAFO
06/29/2015ActiveCWA-03-2015-0123 Grunley Construction Company, Inc., CWA, SCAFO
06/25/2015ActiveCWA-04-2015-5500(b) Glenn Edward Lowe
06/25/2015ActiveCWA-07-2015-0046 Platte City, Missouri
06/24/2015ActiveCWA-07-2015-0045 Shenandoah, IA (City of)
06/24/2015ActiveCWA 06-2015-4500 DCP Midstream
06/24/2015ActiveCWA 06-2015-4813 Louisiana Energy & Environmental Inc.
06/24/2015ActiveCWA 06-205-4814 Texas Petroleum Investment Co.
06/20/2015ActiveCWA-10-2015-0099 Cascade Petroleum Transportation, Inc.
06/18/2015ActiveCWA-10-2015-0106 NANA Oilfield Services, Inc.
06/18/2015ClosedCWA-10-2015-0074 Silver Bay Seafoods, LLC - Sitka Plant
06/18/2015ActiveCWA-07-2015-0025 City of St. Peters, Missouri
06/18/2015ActiveCWA-07-2015-0030 Village of Spalding, Nebraska
06/16/2015ActiveCWA 06-2015-4811 Standard Operating Company Bayou Sorrell Field
06/12/2015ActiveCWA-01-2015-0048 Davey Oil Company
06/12/2015ActiveCWA-01-2015-0048 Davey Oil Company
06/12/2015ActiveCWA-01-2015-0048 Davey Oil Company
06/11/2015ActiveCWA-07-2015-0070 Mid-America Sand, LLC
06/11/2015ActiveCWA-07-2015-0071 Scott Dinger d/b/a Wamego Recycling
06/11/2015ActiveCWA-07-2015-0069 Mid-America Sand, LLC
06/11/2015ActiveCWA-08-2015-0018 EAGLE BRONZE, INC.
06/08/2015ClosedCWA-03-2015-0122 City of Dubois Publically Owned Treatment Works, CWA, SCAFO
06/03/2015ActiveCWA-10-2015-0072 City of Burley, Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plant
06/03/2015ActiveCWA-02-2015-3404 Mack Studios, Inc. and Mr. Peter Maciulewicz
06/02/2015ActiveCWA-10-2015-0094 Amalgamated Sugar Company LLC.
06/02/2015ActiveCWA 06-2015-4316 Holmes Oil Company
06/01/2015ActiveCWA-07-2015-0052 Union Pacific Railroad
05/29/2015ActiveCWA-07-2015-0058 Prairieland Dairy, LLC
05/28/2015ClosedCWA-03-2015-0100 Quarles Petroleum Inc., CWA, SCAFO
05/28/2015ActiveCWA-07-2014-0091 Contract Transport
05/28/2015ClosedCWA-07-2015-0002 W2Fuel, LLC
05/28/2015ClosedCWA-07-2015-0019 Raike’s Oil Company
05/27/2015ClosedCWA-05-2015-0013 Big Oat's Oil Field Supply Company, LLC (Willoughby, Ohio)
05/26/2015ClosedCWA-03-2015-0103 Clark Construction Group, LLC, CWA, SCAFO
05/22/2015ActiveCWA-07-2015-0068 City of Albia, Iowa
05/20/2015ActiveCWA-03-2015-0099 Riverside Materials, Inc., CWA, SCAFO, ESA
05/19/2015ActiveCWA-07-2015-0067 City of Albia
05/19/2015ActiveCWA-07-2015-0066 Shenandoah, IA (city of)
05/19/2015ActiveCWA-01-2015-0009 Howe Motors, Inc.
05/19/2015ClosedCWA-04-2015-7005(b) Henry Rush Lease
05/19/2015ActiveCWA-07-2014-0074 Carla Nissen d/b/a Indian Country Mini-Mart
05/18/2015ClosedCWA-07-2015-0053 Sapp Bros Petroleum, Inc
05/18/2015ClosedCWA-07-2015-0055 Darling Oil, LLC
05/15/2015ActiveCWA-07-2015-0065 Home Service Oil Company
05/14/2015ActiveCWA-07-2015-0059 Tony L. Brown and Joshua A. Brown D/b/a Riverview Cattle
05/14/2015ActiveCWA-07-2015-0060 Bacon Maker, Inc.
05/14/2015ActiveCWA-08-2015-0015 FOXTAIL CREEK, L.L.C
05/13/2015ActiveCWA-07-2015-0050 City of Granby, MO
05/12/2015ActiveCWA-01-2015-0047 Borrego Solar Systems, Inc.
05/11/2015ClosedCWA-03-2015-0050 Grenadier Energy Partners, LLC, CWA, SCAFO
05/08/2015ClosedCWA-10-2015-0080 Western Peterbilt, LLC
05/08/2015ActiveCWA 06-2015-4310 Hard Rock Operating, LLC
05/07/2015ActiveCWA-07-2015-0063 Buggy Stop C-Store
05/07/2015ActiveCWA 06-2014-4333 Rainbow Oil & Gas
05/07/2015ActiveCWA 06-2015-4313 Performance Operating Company, LLC
05/06/2015ActiveCWA-01-2015-0004 Pan Am Railways, Inc.
05/06/2015ActiveCWA-07-2015-0056 BF Byproducts, LLC
05/04/2015ActiveCWA-07-2015-0051 Phoenix C&D Recycling, Inc.
04/30/2015ActiveCWA-07-2015-0061 Gentry County, Missouri
04/30/2015ActiveCWA-07-2015-0062 Phoenix C&D Recycling, Inc.
04/29/2015ActiveCWA-10-2015-0087 A2Z Enterprises, LLC
04/29/2015ActiveCWA-03-2015-0037 Ft. Lincoln Retail, LLC, a/k/a Fort Lincoln Retail, CWA, Complaint
04/28/2015ActiveCWA-03-2015-0165 Four Points LLC, New Hampshire Ave. Ventures, Comstock Homes of Washington L.C., CWA-03-2015-0165
04/27/2015ActiveCWA-07-2014-0079 Nebraska Corn Processing, LLC
04/23/2015ClosedCWA-07-2014-0045 Hess Salvage, Inc.
04/23/2015ActiveCWA 06-2015-4310 Hard Rock Operating, LLC
04/22/2015ActiveCWA-05-2015-0012 Shell Pipeline Company, LP -General mitchell International Airport- (Milwaukee, Wisconsin)
04/21/2015ClosedCWA-10-2015-0052 South-Port Marina, Inc.
04/21/2015ClosedCWA-04-2015-7000(b) Restaurant Technologies, Inc.
04/21/2015ClosedCWA-04-2015-7003(b) Continental Refining Company
04/21/2015ClosedCWA-04-2015-7004(b) B & D Concrete Cutting, Inc.
04/18/2015ActiveCWA-07-2015-0057 Missouri Forge, Inc
04/16/2015ActiveCWA-07-2015-0054 Coastal Energy Corporation
04/13/2015ClosedCWA-07-2015-0003 W2Fuel, LLC
04/13/2015ClosedCWA-07-2015-0036 SkyHaven/Conoco LLC
04/06/2015ActiveCWA-07-2015-0005 Remi Haverkamp
04/06/2015ActiveCWA-08-2015-0014 THE TOWN OF LODGE GRASS
04/06/2015ActiveCWA 06-2014-1751 East Texas Salt Water Disposal Company
04/06/2015ActiveCWA 06-2014-4818 John W. Stone, Belle Chasse Dock
04/02/2015ActiveCWA-10-2015-0027 Aurora Communicatons International, Inc.
04/02/2015ActiveCWA 06-2015-2707 CTMGT Tuberville LLC
03/31/2015ClosedCWA-10-2015-0027 Aurora Communications International, Inc.
03/31/2015ActiveCWA-01-2015-0034 Bacon-Agostini Construction Co., Inc. and K.R. Rezendes, Inc.
03/31/2015ClosedCWA-07-2014-0087 Gibco Motor Express
03/31/2015ClosedCWA-07-2015-0037 Shining LLC
03/30/2015ActiveCWA-03-2015-0112 WCS Construction, LLC, William C. Smith & Co., CWA, APO, CWA-03-2015-0112
03/30/2015ClosedCWA-07-2015-0018 Cedar County Cooperative

(3519 entries in this collection)
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