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Dockets by Statute CWA

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07/25/2014ActiveCWA-10-2014-0086 Albina Asphalt Comapny - Terminal 1
07/25/2014ActiveCWA-10-2014-0087 Albina Asphalt Company - Terminal 2
07/24/2014ActiveCWA-07-2014-0090 Greg Schellert
07/23/2014ActiveCWA-07-2014-0089 Garen Goebel
07/21/2014ActiveCWA-07-2013-0047 City of Jefferson City, Missouri
07/21/2014ActiveCWA-07-2014-0050 City of Jefferson, Missouri
07/17/2014ActiveCWA-07-2014-0088 Elm Quick Mart
07/17/2014ActiveCWA-07-2014-0087 Gibco Motor Express
07/17/2014ActiveCWA-04-2013-5005(b) Watco Companies, L.L.C.
07/11/2014ActiveCWA-04-2014-5507(b) Mr. Cleve Mobley
07/11/2014ActiveCWA-04-2014-5510(b) Parkside Lakes Development, LLC
07/10/2014ActiveCWA-07-2014-0086 Winifred Feedlot LLC
07/10/2014ActiveCWA-03-2014-0006 George Mason University, CWA, SCAFO
07/08/2014ActiveCWA-04-2014-4503(b) Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement (India) Private Limited
07/07/2014ActiveCWA-07-2014-0065 Criss Investments
07/02/2014ActiveCWA-07-2014-0085 Sunderman
07/02/2014ActiveCWA-01-2014-0035 Essential Power Massachusetts, LLC
07/01/2014ActiveCWA-07-2014-0084 Sisters of Mercy
07/01/2014ActiveCWA-07-2014-0083 Galen Jimmerson d/b/a Bar J Farms
06/28/2014ActiveCWA-07-2014-0082 Cargill, Inc.
06/27/2014ActiveCWA-07-2014-0080 E&M Farms Inc.
06/27/2014ActiveCWA-07-2014-0081 E&M Farms
06/26/2014ActiveCWA-07-2014-0062 H and M Farms, LLC
06/24/2014ActiveCWA-03-2014-0046 City of Richmond, CWA, SCAFO
06/24/2014ActiveCWA-03-2014-0091 F.C. Haab Company, Incorporated, Schuylkill Terminal, CWA SCAFO
06/24/2014ActiveCWA-04-2014-5506(b) Bill Brock
06/23/2014ActiveCWA-03-2014-0109 Stone Energy Corp, Maury Well Pad New Martinsville, WV and Weekley Well Pad,, Porters Falls WV
06/23/2014ActiveCWA-08-2014-0024 ROBERT GREGG SEASE
06/21/2014ActiveCWA-10-2014-0115 Connell Oil Incoporated, Freeth Distributing Co.
06/21/2014ActiveCWA-02-2014-3351 Rama Construction, S.E.
06/20/2014ActiveCWA-02-2014-3305 Jane Casler, d/b/a Casler Farm
06/19/2014ClosedCWA-07-2014-0004 Harrington Oil
06/19/2014ClosedCWA-07-2014-0055 Home Oil
06/18/2014ActiveCWA-05-2014-0007 Johnson County Surveyor Johnson County Drainage Board (Franklin, Indiana)
06/17/2014ClosedCWA-07-2014-0025 Hays, Kansas
06/17/2014ClosedCWA-07-2014-0041 L.L. Pelling Co.
06/17/2014ClosedCWA-07-2014-0053 Montgomery City Sinclair
06/16/2014ActiveCWA-08-2014-0023 SCOTT WAGNER and LEIGH MARIE, LLC.
06/14/2014ActiveCWA-02-2014-3801 The Surgarbay Resort
06/13/2014ClosedCWA-03-2014-0098 EQT, Corp., CWAm SCAFO
06/12/2014ClosedCWA-07-2014-0001 Fiberight-Blairstown Operating, LLC
06/10/2014ActiveCWA-07-2014-0079 Nebraska Corn Processing, LLC
06/10/2014ClosedCWA-07-2014-0056 Valmont Coatings, Inc
06/10/2014ClosedCWA-07-2014-0067 SRG Global, Inc. Siegel-Robert, Inc. (d/b/a SRG Global Farmington)
06/09/2014ClosedCWA-07-2014-0007 Midwest Fertilizer
06/09/2014ClosedCWA-07-2014-0008 Midwest Fertilizer, 172 Brown Street, Harwood MO
06/09/2014ClosedCWA-07-2014-0022 New Century Air Services
06/09/2014ClosedCWA-07-2014-0026 Zero CO2, LLC
06/09/2014ClosedCWA-07-2014-0035 Croell Redi-Mix, Inc
06/09/2014ClosedCWA-07-2014-0059 Universal Lubricants
06/07/2014ActiveCWA-07-2014-0078 City of Leavenworth, Kansas
06/06/2014ClosedCWA-03-2014-0081 Carroll County, Maryland, SCAFO, CWA
06/04/2014ActiveCWA-07-2014-0077 Weston, Missouri (City of)
06/04/2014ActiveCWA 06-2014-4320 FOUR A OIL COMPANY
06/04/2014ActiveCWA 06-2014-4321 S & S Productions
06/03/2014ActiveCWA-07-2014-0069 E & M Farms Inc.
06/03/2014ActiveCWA-07-2014-0070 David W. Obermeyer
06/02/2014ClosedCWA-03-2014-0080 VP Racing Fuels, CWA, Expedited penalty action, SCAFO, certificate of service
05/30/2014ActiveCWA-03-2014-0106 Snyder Brothers Incorporated, CWA, SCAFO
05/29/2014ActiveCWA-07-2014-0076 Central Feeders, Inc.
05/28/2014ActiveCWA-07-2014-0075 Central Feeders, Inc.
05/28/2014ActiveCWA-07-2014-0064 Garen Goebel
05/27/2014ActiveCWA-07-2014-0030 Davis Energy
05/24/2014ClosedCWA-10-2014-0084 Independent Packers Corp.
05/24/2014ClosedCWA-10-2014-0081 Kvichak Marine Industries, Inc.
05/24/2014ActiveCWA-01-2014-0031 Brewer Pilots Point Marina, Inc.
05/24/2014ActiveCWA-01-2014-0030 Lakeside Oil Company, Inc.
05/22/2014ActiveCWA 06-2014-1774 CITY OF BREAUX BRIDGE
05/21/2014ActiveCWA-01-2013-0033 City of Attleboro, Massachusetts
05/17/2014ActiveCWA-07-2014-0072 Coastal Energy Corporation
05/16/2014ActiveCWA-07-2014-0071 Brent McMinn
05/15/2014ActiveCWA-07-2014-0066 Criss Investments
05/15/2014ActiveCWA 06-2014-4304 JOAN LESTER PRODUCTION
05/13/2014ClosedCWA-07-2014-0054 MFA Oil
05/09/2014ActiveCWA 06-2014-1740 CITY OF ALBUQUERQUE
05/06/2014ActiveCWA-01-2014-0017 VIP Tour and Charter Bus Company
05/05/2014ActiveCWA 06-2014-2703 JAMES TINSLEY
04/30/2014ActiveCWA-05-2014-0006 OGM Ltd. d/b/a Clean Water Ltd. -- SEP -- (Dayton, Ohio)
04/30/2014ActiveCWA 06-2014-4308 PETROSAURUS, INC.
04/29/2014ClosedCWA-04-2014-5505(b) Murphy Oil USA, Inc.
04/29/2014ActiveCWA 06-2014-4506 DELEK LOGISTICS
04/25/2014ClosedCWA-10-2014-0064 Saint-Gobain Containers, Inc.
04/25/2014ClosedCWA-03-2014-0079 Central Highway Oil Company, CWA, CAFO, ESP,
04/24/2014ClosedCWA-10-2014-0058 Idaho Milk Products, Inc.
04/23/2014ActiveCWA-07-2014-0068 City of Jefferson, Missouri
04/23/2014ClosedCWA-04-2014-5508(b) Robert Lee
04/23/2014ClosedCWA-07-2014-0049 Double V Dairy, LLC
04/18/2014ActiveCWA-01-2014-0018 L.S. Starrett Company
04/17/2014ActiveCWA-01-2014-0022 C-V Oil Company, Inc.
04/16/2014ClosedCWA-01-2014-0019 Superior Plus Energy Services
04/16/2014ClosedCWA-07-2013-0060 Daryll Lightner; Settje Agri-Services and Engineering
04/15/2014ActiveCWA-03-2014-0017 Amerikohl Mining, Inc., CWA, SCAFO
04/14/2014ClosedCWA-08-2014-0022 CONTINENTAL RESOURCES, INC.
04/11/2014ActiveCWA-02-2014-3302 Richard E. Meyer & Sons, Inc.
04/11/2014ClosedCWA-03-2014-0061 Safety Kleen, Inc., CWA, ESA
04/10/2014ActiveCWA-08-2014-0021 CENTRAL TRENCHING, INC.
04/10/2014ActiveCWA 06-2014-4302 DEXXON, INC.
04/08/2014ActiveCWA 06-2014-2702 JOHNSON RIVER LLC

(3149 entries in this collection)
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