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Dockets by Statute CAA

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10/08/2015ActiveCAA-05-2016-0002 Berkshire Refrigerated Warehousing, LLC (Chicago, Illinois)
10/06/2015ActiveCAA-02-2015-1215 Safetech, Inc.
10/02/2015ActiveCAA-01-2015-0044 City of Meriden
10/01/2015ActiveCAA-02-2015-1210 CEMEX de Puerto Rico, Inc.
10/01/2015ActiveCAA-04-2016-1574 Roane Metals Group, LLC (Rockwood, Tennessee)
10/01/2015ActiveCAA-05-2016-0001 Miller Compressing Company - SEP - (Milwaukee, Wisconsin)
09/30/2015ActiveCAA-01-2015-0064 U.S. Army Corps of Engineers - Corps of Engineers, Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory
09/30/2015ActiveCAA-02-2015-1212 Atlantic County Utilities Authority
09/30/2015ActiveCAA-03-2015-0265 Hopewell Regional Wastewater Treatment Facility, CAA, SCAFO
09/30/2015ClosedCAA-07-2015-0020 GFG Ag Services, LLC
09/30/2015ClosedCAA-07-2015-0039 Flint Hills Resources Menlo, LLC
09/30/2015ActiveEPCRA 06-2015-0511 Republic Industries, Inc.
09/29/2015ActiveCAA 06-2015-3363 K-Solv, L.P.
09/28/2015ActiveCAA-05-2015-0063 Alton Steel, Inc. (Alton, Illinois)
09/28/2015ClosedCAA-07-2015-0040 Kaup Seed and Fertilizer Inc.
09/26/2015ActiveCAA-02-2015-1207 NOCO Energy Corp.
09/25/2015ActiveCAA-04-2015-1588 4 Lane Auto Salvage, Inc. -SEP- (Nashville, Tennessee)
09/25/2015ActiveCAA-05-2015-0061 Glenn Hunter and Associates, Inc. (Delta, Ohio) - INSTALLMENTS -
09/25/2015ActiveCAA-05-2015-0062 I Schumann & Co. LLC -SEP- (Bedford, Ohio)
09/24/2015ActiveCAA-04-2015-8000(b) Koch Foods, Inc.
09/23/2015ActiveCAA-05-2015-0059 Lafarge North America Inc. (Paulding, Ohio)
09/23/2015ClosedCAA-05-2015-0060 Gavilon Grain, LLC (Abingdon, Illinois) Gavilon Grain LLC (Alexis, Illinois) Gavilon Global Ag Holdings, LLC (Joliet, Illinois)
09/22/2015ClosedCAA-07-2015-0034 Alldredge Feed & Seed, Inc.
09/21/2015ActiveCAA-07-2015-0035 York Cold Storage, LLC
09/19/2015ActiveCAA-10-2015-0151 Unified Grocers, Inc.
09/16/2015ActiveCAA-03-2015-0222 Air Products and Chemicals, Inc, CAA, SCAFO
09/16/2015ActiveCAA-05-2015-0057 City of Orrville (Orrville, Ohio)
09/16/2015ClosedCAA-05-2015-0058 Ultimate Ethanol, LLC d/b/a POET Biorefining - Alexander (Alexandria, Indiana)
09/16/2015ActiveCAA-08-2015-0016 NICHOLAS AND CO., INC.
09/09/2015ActiveCAA-03-2015-0194 Greiner Industries, Inc., CAA, SCAFO
09/09/2015ActiveCAA-07-2015-0030 Cargill, Incorporated
09/08/2015ActiveCAA-04-2015-1785(b) Rabun County, Georgia
09/03/2015ActiveCAA-03-2015-0231 Brenntag Northeast, Inc., CAA, Exp. CAFO
09/03/2015ActiveCAA-03-2015-0234 Baltimore/Washington International, CAA, SCAFO
09/03/2015ActiveCAA-04-2015-1514(b) Wise Alloys, LLC
09/03/2015ClosedCAA-07-2015-0031 Key Cooperative – LeGrand
09/03/2015ActiveCAA 06-2015-3348 Marathon Petroleum Company, LP
09/01/2015ClosedCAA-05-2015-0055 Akzo Nobel Chemistry LLC (Morris, Illinois)
09/01/2015ClosedCAA-05-2015-0056 Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Inc. (Mishawaka, Indiana)
08/31/2015ActiveCAA-03-2015-0097 Elkhorn Investments, LLC and Elkhorn Gas Processing, LLC, CAA, SCAFO
08/28/2015ClosedCAA-05-2015-0054 Michigan Biorefining, LLC d/b/a POET Biorefining - Caro (Caro, Michigan)
08/24/2015ClosedCAA-07-2015-0033 Mid-West Fertilizer, Inc.
08/24/2015ActiveCAA 06-2015-3340 Boise Packaging & Newsprint, LLC
08/22/2015ActiveCAA-02-2015-1209 Finch Paper, LLC
08/21/2015ActiveCAA-03-2015-0196 Van Compressor Station, CAA, SCAFO
08/21/2015ClosedCAA-05-2015-0053 Aeropres Corporation (Manhattan, Illinois)
08/20/2015ClosedCAA-04-2015-1510(b) Worth County, Georgia (Board of Education)
08/20/2015ClosedCAA-04-2015-1784(b) Maxwell Grading and Welding, Inc.
08/19/2015ActiveCAA-08-2015-0015 TESORO REFINING & MARKETING COMPANY, LLC,
08/18/2015Awaiting Payment/SEPCAA-05-2015-0052 Superior Marine Ways, Inc. -SEP- (South Point, Ohio)
08/17/2015ClosedCAA-07-2015-0032 The Andersons, Inc.
08/14/2015ActiveCAA-05-2015-0051 Buckeye Recycling Corp. (Columbus, Ohio)
08/05/2015ClosedCAA-01-2015-0026 Atlantic Union College
08/05/2015ClosedCAA-05-2015-0050 SMS Modern Hard Chrome, LLC (Warren, Michigan)
08/04/2015ClosedCAA-07-2015-0019 Baker Services, Inc.
07/30/2015ActiveCAA-07-2015-0018 Advanced Disposal Services
Maple Hill Landfill, Inc.
07/29/2015ClosedCAA-03-2015-0115 Greater Lebanon Refuse Authority Landfill, CAA, SCAFO
07/29/2015ActiveCAA=03-2015-0115 Greater Lebanon Refuse Authority, CAA, SCAFO
07/28/2015ActiveCAA-03-2015-0169FF United States Government Publishing Office, CAA, SCAFO
07/28/2015ActiveCAA-03-2015-0187 Total Distribution, Inc., CAA SCAFO
07/28/2015ActiveCAA-03-2015-0203 United States Bureau of Engraving and Printing, CAA, SCAFO
07/23/2015ActiveCAA 06-2015-3338 Associated Electric Cooperative, Inc. Dell Power Plant
07/22/2015ClosedCAA-10-2015-0116 Idaho Transporation Dept., Priest River Facility
07/22/2015ActiveCAA-01-2014-0020 Pioneer Valley Refridgerated Warehouse d/b/a Pioneer cold
07/22/2015ClosedCAA-03-2015-0091 Smithsonian Institution, CAA, SCAFO
07/22/2015ActiveCAA-04-2015-1592 Tennessee Auto Salvage, Inc. - 12 Monthly Installments - (Greenbrier, Tennessee)
07/22/2015ActiveCAA-04-2015-1592(b) Tennessee Auto Salvage, Inc.
07/22/2015ActiveCAA 06-2015-3343 UOP LLC
07/21/2015ClosedCAA-03-2015-0130 Sutton OSB Mill, CAA, SCAFO
07/21/2015ClosedCAA-04-2015-1575 Tennessee Metals Company, LLC (Knoxville, Tennessee)
07/21/2015ActiveCAA-04-2015-1575(b) Tennessee Metals Company, LLC Knoxville, Tennessee
07/21/2015ActiveCAA-04-2015-1577 Express Auto Recyclers and Sales, LLC - 2 Installments - (La Vergne and Labanon, Tennessee)
07/21/2015ActiveCAA-04-2015-1577(b) Express Auto Recyclers and Sales, LLC
07/21/2015ClosedCAA-04-2015-1579 Recycling Partners LLC (La Vergne, Tennessee)
07/21/2015ClosedCAA-04-2015-1579(b) Recycling Partners LLC La Vergne, Tennessee
07/21/2015ActiveCAA-04-2015-1586 ESR Scrap Metal Recycler - 4 Installments- (Knoxville, Tennessee)
07/21/2015ActiveCAA-04-2015-1586(b) ESR Scrap Metal Recycler
07/21/2015Awaiting Payment/SEPCAA-04-2015-1590 Shrum Auto Salvage, LLC - SEP - (Goodlettsville, Tennessee)
07/21/2015ClosedCAA-04-2015-1590(b) Shrum Auto Salvage, LLC Goodlettsville, Tennessee
07/21/2015Awaiting Payment/SEPCAA-04-2015-1595 All Star Recycling Inc. -SEP- (Nashville, Tennessee)
07/21/2015ClosedCAA-04-2015-1595(b) All Star Recycling Inc., Nashville, Tennessee
07/20/2015ClosedCAA-05-2015-0049 Illinois-American Water Company RMP-15-ESA-30 (Peoria, Illinois)
07/16/2015ActiveCAA-07-2015-0009 Wilbur-Ellis Company
07/15/2015ClosedCAA-05-2015-0048 Illinois-American Water Company RMP-15-ESA-29 (Peoria, Illinois)
07/09/2015ActiveCAA-03-2015-0096 Cox Creek Water Reclamation Plant, CAA, Expedited, CAFO
07/08/2015ClosedCAA-10-2015-0115 Evans Fruit Company, Inc.
07/08/2015ActiveCAA-01-2015-0011 Town of Somerset, MA, Water Pollution Control Facility
07/07/2015ClosedCAA-04-2015-1508(b) H & H Food Services, LLC
07/06/2015ClosedCAA-04-2015-1512 Music City Pick-A-Part, LLC (Nashville, Tennessee
07/02/2015ActiveCAA-01-2015-0039 In the Matter of Tiverton Power LLC, 304 Progress Road, Tiverton, Rhode Island
07/02/2015ClosedCAA-05-2015-0046 The Andersons, Inc. RMP-15-ESA-035 (Litchfield, Michigan)
07/01/2015ClosedCAA-05-2015-0044 Marion Ethanol, LLC, d/b/a POET Biorefining - Marion (Marion, Ohio)
07/01/2015ActiveCAA 06-2015-3304 Alta Mesa Services, LP
07/01/2015ActiveCAA 06-2015-3327 Western Refining Company, L.P.
06/30/2015ClosedCAA-10-2015-0107 Safeway, Inc.
06/25/2015ActiveCAA 06-2015-3319 Capitol Aggregates, Inc.
06/24/2015ClosedCAA-07-2015-0026 Farmers Cooperative Company
06/24/2015ClosedCAA-07-2015-0027 The Dodge City Cooperative Exchange
06/19/2015ActiveCAA-02-2015-1204 G&C Foods, Inc.
06/19/2015ActiveCAA-02-2015-1202 General Chemical LLC - Syracuse (Chemtrade)

(2437 entries in this collection)
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