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2008-01     Redesign of the 2005 Pollution Abatement Costs and Expenditure Survey
(Michael Gallaher, Cynthia Morgan, and Ronald J. Shadbegian )
     survey design, survey evaluation, environmental costs, manufacturing, engineering estimates
2008-02     Technology, International Trade, and Pollution from U.S. Manufacturing
(Arik Levinson )
     pollution havens, trade and environment, pollution intensity
2008-03     Estimating Welfare Effects from Supply Shocks with Dynamic Factor Demand Models
(Adam Daigneault and Brent Sohngen )
     dynamic adjustment, environmental regulation, price elasticity, regional timber markets, structural change, stumpage demand, timber supply
2008-04     Technology Diffusion and Environmental Regulation: The Adoption of Scrubbers by Coal-Fired Power Plants
(Elaine Frey )
     technology diffusion, environmental regulation, electric generating industry
2008-05     Forest Fallow Ecosystem Services: Evidence from the Eastern Amazon
(Heather Klemick )
     Forests, Farms, Fallow, Ecosystem services, Land use, Spatial econometrics, Externalities, Brazil
2008-06     Climate Response Uncertainty and the Unexpected Benefits of Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reductions
(Adam Daigneault and Steve Newbold )
     climate change, climate sensitivity, uncertainty, catastrophe
2008-07     Valuing Forest Protection Programs to Maximize Economic Benefit
(Christopher C. Moore and Thomas P. Holmes )
     invasive species, hemlock woolly adelgid, ecosystem valuation, forest preservation
2008-08     Effects of Socio-Economic and Input-Related Factors on Polluting Plants' Location Decisions
(Ann Wolverton )
     environmental justice, firm location
2008-09     Determining the Extent of Market and Extent of Resource for Stated Preference Survey Design Using Mapping Methods
(Shalini P. Vajjhala, Anna Mische John, and David A. Evans )
     stated preference, cognitive mapping, Extent of market, Extent of resource, definition of commodity
2008-10     The Green Industry: An Examination of Environmental Products Manufacturing
(Randy A. Becker and Ronald J. Shadbegian )
     green industry, environmental products, employment, wages, exports, productivity, growth
2008-11     Preventing Biological Invasions: Doing Something vs. Doing Nothing
(David Simpson )
     invasive species, nonconvexity, cost-benefit analysis, laissez-faire
2008-12     Evaluating Voluntary Programs with Spillovers: The Case of Coal Combustion Products Partnership
(Ian Lange )
     voluntary environmental measures, coal fly ash, spillovers
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