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2007-01     Employment Effects of Brownfield Redevelopment
What Do We Know from the Literature?
(Marie Howland )
     land cleanup, Reuse, brownfields, employment effects
2007-02     Moving Beyond Cleanup: Identifying the Crucibles of Environmental Gentrification
(Spencer Banzhaf and Eleanor McCormick )
     land cleanup, Reuse, brownfields, gentrification
2007-03     The Impact of Imperfect Information
on the Transactions of Contaminated Properties
(Jeffrey Zabel )
     land cleanup, Reuse, brownfields, asymmetric information, market for lemons
2007-04     If Geoengineering Is The Best First Step Towards Global Climate Change Control, How Could It Best Be Implemented?
(Alan Carlin )
     Global warming control, global climate change control, implementation, organizational analysis
2007-05     Environmental Challenges Associated With Corn Ethanol Production
(Clay Ogg )
     biofuel, ethanol, greenhouse gas, deforestation, energy conservation
2007-06     Evaluating the Effectiveness of EPA Voluntary Programs: An Examination of the Strategic Goals Program for Metal Finishers
(Keith Brouhle, Charles Griffiths, and Ann Wolverton )
     voluntary programs, air emissions, Program effectiveness
2007-07     New Research Suggests That Emissions Reductions May Be a Risky and Very Expensive Way to Avoid Dangerous Global Climate Changes
(Alan Carlin )
     global climate change control, Global warming control, implementation
2007-08     Issues and Challenges in Measuring Environmental Expenditures by U.S. Manufacturing: The Redevelopment of the PACE Survey
(Randy A. Becker and Ronald J. Shadbegian )
     survey design, survey evaluation, sampling, environmental costs, manufacturing
2007-09     Diving Demand for Large Ship Artificial Reefs
(Ash Morgan, Matt Massey, and William Huth )
     Artificial reefs, Diving, Bundled public good, Recreation demand, Non-market valuation
2007-10     Environmental Policy Induced Input Substitution? The Case of Coking and Steam Coal
(Ian Lange )
     1990 Clean Air Act, coke, Input substitution
2007-11     State Dependence and Long Term Site Capital in a Random Utility Model of Recreation Demand
(D. Matthew Massey and George R. Parsons )
     site capital, state dependence, beach recreation, travel cost
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