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2005-01     Robustness of VSL Values from Contingent Valuation Surveys
(Anna Alberini )
     contingent valuation, VSL, WTP, risk reductions, robustness, outliers, endogeneity
2005-02     The Economic Impacts of Aquatic Invasive Species: A Review of the Literature
(Sabrina J. Lovell and Susan F. Stone )
     costs, literature, aquatic invasive species
2005-03     The Effects of Water Quality on Coastal Recreation Flounder Fishing
(Matt Massey, Steve Newbold, and Brad Gentner )
     bioeconomic model, dissolved oxygen, Recreation demand, Recreational fishing, Summer flounder, water quality
2005-04     A Technology Assessment of Light Emitting Diode (LED) Solid-State Lighting for General Illumination
(Amanda Slocum )
     solid-state lighting, LED's, energy-efficiency, technology assessment
2005-05     Assessing Multi-Dimensional Performance: Environmental and Economic Outcomes
(Ronald J. Shadbegian and Wayne B. Gray )
     environmental performance, labor productivity, emissions, enforcement, technology
2005-06      Comparison of the Environmental Impacts of Trade and Domestic Distortions in the United States
(Jared Creason, Michael Fisher, Isabelle Morin, and and Susan F. Stone )
     Trade, environmental impacts, general equilibrium
2005-07     Water Quality Trading in the United States
(Cynthia Morgan and Ann Wolverton )
     water quality, market-based trading, offset initiatives
2005-08     Improving Willingness to Pay Estimates for Quality Improvements Throught Joint Estimation with Quality Perceptions
(John C. Whitehead )
     willingness to pay, quality perceptions, endogeneity
2005-09     Benefits and Costs from Sulfur Dioxide Trading: A Distributional Analysis
(Cynthia Morgan, Ronald J. Shadbegian, and Wayne B. Gray )
     air quality, Clean Air Act Amendments, environmental justice, Benefits, costs, Trading
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