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2003-01     Market-Based Policies for Pollution Control in Latin America
(Sarah West and Ann Wolverton )
     pollution control options, market incentives, Latin America
2003-02     Self Protection and Averting Behavior, Values of Statistical Lives, and Benefit Cost Analysis of Environmental Policy
(Glenn C. Blomquist )
     averting behavior, value of statistical life
2003-03     What Determines Environmental Performance at Paper Mills?
The Roles of Abatement Spending, Regulation, and Efficiency
(Ronald J. Shadbegian and Wayne B. Gray )
     Environmental Performance, Pollution Abatement Capital Stock, Air Pollution Emissions, Productive Efficiency
2003-04     The Two-Part Instrument in a Second-Best World
(Ann Wolverton and Don Fullerton )
     two-part instrument, second-best theory, optimal tax, distortionary taxation, market-based instrument, environmental externality
2003-05     Pollution Abatement Expenditures and Plant-Level Productivity: A Production Function Approach
(Ronald J. Shadbegian and Wayne B. Gray )
     Environmental Regulation, Pollution Abatement Costs, Productivity, Technology
2003-06     On the Measurement of Job Risk in Hedonic Wage Models
(Dan A. Black and Thomas K. Kniesner )
     hedonic wage equation, price of risk, implicit value of life, measurement error
2003-07     The Pace of PACE at the Environmental Protection Agency
(Rich Iovanna, Kelly Maguire, and Al McGartland )
     pollution abatement, Pollution costs
2003-08     Comparing exposure metrics in the relationship between PM2.5 and birth weight in California
(Jennifer D. Parker, Katherine Heck, Kenneth C. Schoendorf, Louise Saulnier, Rupa Basu, and Tracey J. Woodruff )
     air pollution, birth outcomes, birth weight, fine particulate matter, metrics, PM2.5
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