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2002-01     The Future of Municipal Water Resources in the
Willamette River Basin: A Basin-Level Analysis
(David Dole and Ernie Niemi )
     water resources, sustainable development, modeling
2002-02     When Do Firms Shift Production Across State to Avoid Environmental Regulation?
(Ronald J. Shadbegian and Wayne B. Gray )
     Environmental Regulation, state regulatory stringency, Procution allocation, compliance
2002-03     Willingness to pay to Reduce a Child’s Pesticide Exposure:
Evidence from the Baby Food Market
(Kelly B. Maguire, Nicole Owens, and Nathalie B. Simon )
     organic foods, hedonic model, willingness to pay, children
2002-04     Host Community Compensation and Municipal Solid Waste Landfills
(Cynthia Morgan, Kelly B. Maguire, and Robin R. Jenkins )
     host compensation, landfills, environmental justice
2002-05     ‘Optimal’ Pollution Abatement – Whose Benefits Matter, and How Much?
(Wayne B. Gray and Ronald J. Shadbegian )
     environmental justice, Environmental Regulation, Pollution Abatement Benefits, Transboundary Pollution
2002-06     Data Requirements for Valuation of Children’s Health Effects and
Alternatives to Valuation
(Kimberly M. Thompson )
     children, risk assessment, valuation
2002-07     Existing Literature and Recommended Strategies for Valuation of Children's Health Effects
(Jim Neumann and Harriet Greenwood )
     children, valuation, health effects, benefit transfer
2002-08     On Techniques to Value the Impact of
Environmental Hazards on Children's Health
(Mark D. Agee and Thomas D. Crocker )
     children, valuation, methodology
2002-09     Valuing Indirect Effects From Environmental Hazards
On A Child’s Life Chances
(Jason Shogren )
     Indirect effects, valuation, children
2002-10     Benefits Transfer of Children’s Health Values
(Marla Markowski )
     children, benefit transfer
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