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2014-01     To Sell Or Not To Sell: The Impacts of Pollution on Home Transactions
(Dennis Guignet )
     housing market, property transactions, discrete time duration model , hedonic analysis, leaking underground storage tanks, groundwater contamination
2014-02     Heavy-Duty Trucks and the Energy Efficiency Paradox
(Heather Klemick, Elizabeth Kopits, Keith Sargent, and Ann Wolverton )
     energy efficiency paradox, technology investment decisions, heavy duty trucking
2014-03     The Effect of Environmental Regulation on Employment: An Examination of the 1990 Clean Air Act Amendments and its Impact on the Electric Power Sector
(Ann Ferris, Ronald J. Shadbegian, and Ann Wolverton )
     SO2 regulations, cap and trade, employment effects
2014-04     The Role of Scenario Uncertainty in Estimating the Benefits of Carbon Mitigation
(Alex L. Marten )
     social cost of carbon, integrated assessment, scenario uncertainty

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