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2013-01     Moving Forward with Incorporating "Catastrophic" Climate Change into Policy Analysis
(Elizabeth Kopits, Alex L. Marten, and Ann Wolverton )
     climate change, catastrophes, integrated assessment model
2013-02     Ecosystem damages in integrated assessment models of climate change
(Wesley R. Brooks and Stephen C. Newbold )
     climate change, ecosystem, biodiversity, integrated assessment model, structural benefit transfer
2013-03     Do EPA Regulations Affect Labor Demand? Evidence from the Pulp and Paper Industry
(Ronald J. Shadbegian, Wayne B. Gray, Chumbei Wang, and Merve Cebi )
     Cluster Rule, regulatory costs, multimedia regulation, employment effects
2013-04     Ranking Distributions of Environmental Outcomes Across Population Groups
(Glenn Sheriff and Kelly B. Maguire )
     environmental justice, distributional analysis, inequality indexes, Lorenz curves, benefit-cost analysis
2013-05     Impacts of Ethanol Policy on Corn Prices: A Review and Meta-Analysis of Recent Evidence
(Nicole Condon, Heather Klemick, and Ann Wolverton )
     ethanol, biofuels, Renewable Fuel Standard, food prices, food security, meta-analysis
2013-06     Household Decision-Making and Valuation of Environmental Health Risks to Parents and their Children
(Wiktor Adamowicz, Mark Dickie, Shelby Gerking, Marcella Veronesi, and David Zinner )
     household decision-making, collective household model, non-cooperative household model, unitary household model, Pareto efficiency, environmental health risks to parents and children, willingness to pay, matched sample of mothers and fathers
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