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2012-01     What Do Property Values Really Tell Us? A Hedonic Study of Underground Storage Tanks
(Dennis Guignet )
     hedonic analysis, housing prices, leaking underground storage tanks, LUST, contaminated sites, groundwater contamination, remediation benefits
2012-02     A Multi-Method, Spatial Approach for Explaining the Appearance and Passage of Open Space Referenda
(Martin D. Heintzelman, Patrick J. Walsh, and Dustin J. Grzeskowiak )
     environmental referenda, open space, survival model, Spatial econometrics, bayesian probit
2012-03     Carbon Pricing with Output-Based Subsidies: Impacts on U.S. Industries over Multiple Time Frames
(Liwayway Adkins, Richard Garbaccio, Mun Ho, Eric Moore, and Richard Morgenstern )
     carbon price, competitiveness, input-output analysis, computable general equilibrium models, output-based allocations, carbon leakage
2012-04     What is the Optimal Offsets Discount under a Second-Best Cap & Trade Policy?
(Heather Klemick )
     offsets, additionality, leakage, baseline, cap and trade, second-best theory
2012-05     Water Quality Index Aggregation and Cost Benefit Analysis
(Patrick J. Walsh and William Wheeler )
     water quality, valuation, cost-benefit analysis
2012-06     Do Environmental Regulations Disproportionately Affect Small Businesses? Evidence from the Pollution Abatement Costs and Expenditures Survey
(Randy A. Becker, Ronald J. Shadbegian, and Carl Pasurka )
     Environmental Regulation, costs, Business size, U. S.manufacturing
2012-07     Valuation of Human Health: An Integrated Model of Willingness to Pay for Mortality and Morbidity Risk Reductions
(Shelby Gerking, Mark Dickie, and Marcella Veronesi )
     willingness to pay, children, environmental hazards, health, integrated analysis, morbidity, mortality, value of statistical life, cancer, stated preference
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