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2011-01     Estimating the Social Cost of Non-CO2 GHG Emissions: Methane and Nitrous Oxide
(Alex L. Marten and Stephen C. Newbold )
     social cost of carbon, global warming potential, integrated assessment
2011-02     Quantifying the Distribution of Environmental Outcomes for Regulatory Environmental Justice Analysis
(Kelly B. Maguire and Glenn Sheriff )
     environmental justice, regulatory impact analysis, distributional analysis, equity, inequality indes
2011-03     Valuing Health Risk Changes Using a Life-Cycle Consumption Framework
(Stephen C. Newbold )
     VSL, life-cycle model, benefit-cost analysis, social welfare analysis, QALY, health-wealth tradeoff
2011-04     CERCLA's Overlooked Cleanup Program: Emergency Response and Removal
(Robin R. Jenkins, Heather Klemick, Elizabeth Kopits, and Alex L. Marten )
     hazardous waste sites, land revitalization, Superfund emergency response and removal
2011-05     Offset markets for nutrient and sediment discharges in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed: Policy tradeoffs and potential steps forward
(Andrew Manale, Cynthia Morgan, Glenn Sheriff, and David Simpson )
     water quality trading, offsets, transaction costs, adverse selection, leakage, additionality, monitoring, Chesapeake Bay, nutrients
2011-06     Welfare Impacts of Ocean Acidification: An Integrated Assessment Model of the US Mollusk Fishery
(Christopher C. Moore )
     ocean acidification, integrated assessment model, demand system estimation
2011-07     Do Regulators Overestimate the Costs of Regulation?
(David Simpson )
     benefit-cost analysis, cost estimation, ex ante, ex post, innovation, iterated expectations
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