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2010-01     A Hedonic Analysis of the Impact of LUST Sites on House Prices in Frederick, Baltimore, and Baltimore City Counties
(Jeffrey Zabel and Dennis Guignet )
     hedonic model, LUST, groundwater contamination, Remediation benefits
2010-02     The Spatial Extent of Water Quality Benefits in Urban Housing Markets
(Patrick Walsh, J. Walter Milon, and David Scrogin )
     hedonic pricing, water quality, pollution abatement, proximity, amenity value
2010-03     Optimal Border Policies for Invasive Species under Asymmetric Information
(Linda Fernandez and Glenn Sheriff )
     asymmetric information, inspection, international trade , invasive species
2010-04     Allocating Land for an Ecosystem Service: A Simple Model of Nutrient Retention with an Application to the Chesapeake Bay Watershed
(David Simpson )
     Reactive nitrogen, diamonds and water paradox, Ecosystem services, constrained optimization, Land use regulation, corner solution
2010-05     Location Decisions of U.S. Polluting Plants: Theory, Empirical Evidence, and Consequences
(Ronald J. Shadbegian and Ann Wolverton )
     plant location decisions, environmental policy, inter-jurisdictional competition, environmental justice
2010-06     An Options Based Bioeconomic Model for Biological and Chemical Control of Invasive Species
(Alex L. Marten and Christopher C. Moore )
     invasive species, real options, integrated pest managment, biological control
2010-07     The "Social Cost of Carbon" Made Simple
(Steve Newbold, Charles Griffiths, Christopher C. Moore, Ann Wolverton, and Elizabeth Kopits )
     climate change, social cost of carbon, integrated assessment model
2010-08     Regulatory Impact Analyses of Environmental Justice Effects
(Spencer Banzhaf )
     benefit-cost analysis, environmental justice, disperse pollutants
2010-09     Preliminary Stated-Preference Research on the Impact of LUST Sites on Property Values: Focus Group Results
(Anna Alberini and Dennis Guignet )
     leaking underground storage tanks, groundwater, remediation benefits, stated preference, focus groups
2010-10     Environmental Justice: Do Poor and Minority Populations Face More Hazards?
(Wayne B. Gray, Ronald J. Shadbegian, and Ann Wolverton )
     environmental justice, regulatory activity, enforcement, political, poor, minority
2010-11     Poverty Status and IQ Gains from Revising the Dust Lead Hazard Standards: A Method for Evaluating Environmental Justice Implications?
(Matthew LaPenta )
     environmental justice, lead, children
2010-12     How Many Times Could You Replicate Polyface Farm? A Schematic Model of Ecosystem Services in Agriculture
(David Simpson )
     Ecosystem services, conventional agriculture, Perfect substitures, Purchased inputs, Subsidies
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