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The following view displays environmental economics research funded by EPA's ORD, NCEE, and NSF, organized by Funding Agency (click to exand all categories or collapse all categories)

Research OrganizationTitleGrant Year
Show details for EPA/OPEPA/OP
Show details for EPA/ORD-NSF/ValuationEPA/ORD-NSF/Valuation
Show details for EPA/ORD/Corporate PerformanceEPA/ORD/Corporate Performance
Show details for EPA/ORD/ExploratoryEPA/ORD/Exploratory
Show details for EPA/ORD/Health ValuationEPA/ORD/Health Valuation
Show details for EPA/ORD/IncentivesEPA/ORD/Incentives
Show details for EPA/ORD/ValuationEPA/ORD/Valuation
Show details for NSF/ValuationNSF/Valuation

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