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Analyzing the Benefits of Health, Safety, and Environmental Regulations

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This report views estimating benefits as a three-step process involving risk assessment; a description of the resulting social consequences of exposure to environmental, health and safety risks; and finally, the valuation of those consequences. This report (1) offers methodologies for improving those three steps, (2) addresses the need for incorporating and assessment of the effectiveness of the implementation of and compliance with federal regulation, and (3) discusses the necessity of establishing appropriate baselines against which to estimate the effects of regulation aimed at the reduction of risk.


Ashford, Nicholas A., Hattis, Dale B., Frenkel, Richard, Mendez, William, Andrews, Richard A.Priest, W. Curtiss, Katz, Cindi, and Mitchell, Clifford S.

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Research paper/report



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Advanced theory
Special topics


Valuation/benefits measurement



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