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Valuing Recreation and the Environment (Edward Elgar), 1999

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Publisher's blurb: This impressive volume analyzes revealed preference approaches to modeling the demand for recreational resources. It presents one of the most thorough treatments of methods that rely on observed behavior to estimate the value of environmental amenities.
Contents: Preface 1. The Behavioral Basis of Non-Market Valuation 2. Welfare Analysis with Discrete Choice Models 3. Two RUMs UnCLOAKED: Nested-Logit Models of Site Choice and Nested-Logit Models of Participation and Site Choice Part II: Practice 4. Mixed Logit Models for Recreation Demand 5. An Empirical Assessment of Multinominal Probit and Logit Models for Recreation Demand 6. Corner Solution Models of Recreation Demand: A Comparison of Competing Frameworks 7. Joint Estimation of Contingent Valuation and Truncated Recreational Demands 8. Nonresponse Bias in Mail Survey Data: Salience vs. Endogenous Survey Complexity 9. Recreation Demand Systems for Multiple Site Count Data Travel Cost Models 10. Can We Count on Count Models?


Herriges, Joseph A., and Catherine L. Kling (eds).

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Advanced theory


Valuation/benefits measurement



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