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Massey, Matt

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Current Research Interests:
Recreation demand modeling
Bioeconomic Modeling
Ecosystem Service Valuation
Benefit Transfer
Job Title:
Research and Program Support Division
Joined Program:
PhD, Economics, University of Delaware, 2002
Previous Experience:
Adjunct Professor, West Chester University PA, 2000-2001
Selected Publications:
"EPA Valuation of Surface Water Quality Improvements" (with Charles Griffiths, Heather Klemick, Chris Moore, Steve Newbold, David Simpson, Patrick Walsh, and Will Wheeler) Review of Environmental Economics and Policy6(1): 130-136. (2012)

"Recreation Demand Estimation and Valuation in Spatially Connected Systems" (with Steve Newbold). Resource and Energy Economics 32:222-240, (2010).

"Diving Demand for Large Ship Artificial Reefs." (with Ash Morgan and William Huth), Marine Resource Economics (2009) 24:43-59.

“Valuing Water Quality Changes Using a Bioeconomic Model of a Coastal Recreational Fishery.” (with Stephen Newbold and Brad Genter. 2006. Journal of Environmental Economics and Management(2006) 52:482-500.

Serial Nonparticipation in Repeated Discrete Choice Models.” (with Roger Von Haefen and Wiktor Adamowicz, American Journal of Agricultural Economics (2005) 87(4):1060-1075.

"A Random Utility Model of Beach Recreation" (with George Parsons), The New Economics of Outdoor Recreation, N. Hanley, D. Shaw, and R. Wright eds. Edward Elgar, 2002.

"Familiar and Favorite Sites in a Random Utility Model of Beach Recreation" (with George Parsons and Theodore Tomasi), Marine Resource Economics (2000) 14:299-315.

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